MyTFG is a platform that I developed for a German school over the past 10 years. It serves as an information and management platform. Accounts of users can be managed centralized such that MyTFG can maintain a consistent state of all account accross multiple systems.

MyTFG provides integration for LDAP, FreeRADIUS, Squid Proxy, NextCloud, Postfix and Dovecot as well as for administrative tools such as Proxmox, Ceph and Zabbix.

A powerful API enables further information services. Besides the web representation at, several features can also be accessed via the MyTFG App (see below).


As a worthy addition to the MyTFG Platform, I developed the Android Version of the MyTFG App and assisted during the development of the iOS Version.

The App offers a convenient way to receive latest news of the TFG (school), upcoming events, changes of the timetable for the upcoming days, and further features, such as a built-in lost-and-found office or schedules of the associated bus and tram stations. Provision of Push-Notifications ensures that pupils, parents and teachers are always informed timely.


An Android App that utilizes the TMDB API.

Coming soon...


PageIt is a Content Management System that I have developed from scratch.

Although not publicly available yet, PageIt is already used in various projects that I maintain.

Community Website

For my local community, I designed, developed, and actively maintain their Website free of charge.

Besides the development of PageIt in combination with dedicated Plugins, I assist the editorial volunteers creating more advanced articles. On average, I spent around two to three hours a week on this volunteering.

Further Volunteer Work

Further, I provide technical assistance to certain charity organizations regarding dedicated Websites (usually free of charge).